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Kubek na szczoteczki wykonany ze stali nierdzewnej to dopełnienie wystroju łazienki w najdrobniejszym szczególe.


25.01.2013 12:10:44 ~IgLcOEcZIOIDTt

I've put every single one of these phoots on my desktop slideshow! I'm 22 years old. And though I don't harbor memories from the pre-renovation stadium, I was lucky enough to see a few games at the old stadium before they tore it down. I took a trip to New York before enlisting in the military in 2010 and wanted to cry when I saw the demolition taking place. And as much as I loved going to the Stadium, I would kill to have sat in the pale blue/green seats in the shadow of the original frieze. I've been to the new stadium yes it's very nice but it's not Yankee Stadium. I got a hook-up through a friend to sit right on the third base-line. It was terrible sitting between wealthy business people who saw the game as a social event to entertain colleagues rather than for the near religious experience that is coming to the stadium supporting the Yankees. I'll stay in the bleachers please!

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